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  • Brisket Flavor

    One of our most popular picks, brisket jerky combines the savory, slow-cooked goodness of brisket with the irresistible chew of jerky. It’s rich, fragrant, and infused with meaty flavor. 

  • Spicy Sweet Chili

    Slightly sweet, with a dash of spice, our spicy sweet chili jerky is a party of contrasts for the tastebuds. Zesty and flavorful, it’s an irresistible pick for spicy fans.

  • Hickory Barbeque

    Our Hickory barbeque jerky is rich and strong, but never overwhelming. The perfect pick for smoked-meat lovers with subtle sweet undertones balanced by deep, smoky flavor.

  • Maple

    Sweet and tender, our maple jerky has an elevated, caramel-like flavor. It’s delightfully rich, with a whisper of the nutty, smoky undertones of pure maple essence. 

  • Teriyaki

    A unique blend of sweet and salty, our Teriyaki jerky is a delightful interplay of traditionally dried meat and Asian cuisine. It’s tasty, tangy, and infused with authentic umami flavor.

  • Garlic Chili

    Garlic chili flavored jerky is a savory treat that combines the bold flavors of garlic and chili with the rich and tender texture of jerky. This unique flavor profile adds a zesty and spicy twist to the traditional jerky experience, making it an irresistible snack.

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